Hello World!

The cloud is a paradigm shift for the Hyperion community, not only because the engine changed from the previous version but also because it offers new opportunities to deliver more value to end users, like close manager and supplemental data management. By writing this blog I want to help all of us navigate this uncharted territory and find our silver lining.

This blog will be mostly about FCCS, TRCS, ARCS, EPRCS and everything else related to the financial close, if and only if it ends in CS. I may also talk about HFM, HTP, FDMEE and other on-prem Hyperion products on occasion.

I could also get help from guest writers on occasion. If you are interested in writing a piece here, please let me know!

My background:

  • 13 years of Hyperion consulting experience, in France and the United States. All the way back to HFM version 3.5 and Essbase 6.5.
  • I worked with most products of the Hyperion suite, including HFM, FDMEE, Essbase, Planning, and DRM. I also did some infrastructure consulting (a long time ago) and developed some custom software interfacing with the Hyperion products.
  • For the past 3 years, I spent most of my time working on HTP (Hyperion Tax Provision) projects.
  • I lead Grant Thornton’s Oracle Tax Technology practice with Kamron Miller and Jeff White, and I also serve as the lead architect for our Consolidations team.
  • More details on LinkedIn

This is intended to be very collaborative, feel free to comment or reach out to complement anything written here. Let me know if there are specific topics you’d like to read about, and I will see what i can do!

Thanks for reading.

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